Belia Rodriguez for 49th Ward

about belia Rodriguez

Working for Rogers Park since 2016

Belia is a first generation Mexican American. Her parents met in Chicago and were married soon after.  She’s lives in Chicago her whole life.

From the heart of Little Village

Belia’s parents bought a 3 flat in Little Village when she was 4 years old. Her father wanted a place where his siblings could land as he sponsored one after another so they could build a better life in Chicago.
Grammar school

Chicago Public Schools

Belia learned English when she got to kindergarten. She was a CPS student from K-12 grades. She has fond memories of her school years and her teachers.  Many of them made an impact in her life and she still thinks about them.
Belia Rodriguez


Becomes an entrepreneur

Belia left a corporate career, taught herself IT, to help under served organizations. Her mission is still to service mission-driven organizations like non profits, small businesses, and single campus independent charters schools, strictly in the city of Chicago.
RPBA Board of Directors


Begins Volunteering at Rogers Park Business Alliance

After the 2016 election, Belia decided to change the world through small efforts, right in her community. Destiny brought invitations to her door and she joined the board of directors at the Rogers Park Business Alliance.
Molly Costello


Volunteers for Vision Clark

Belia was one of the votes to invest in the Vision Clark plan. Her mission from the beginning has been to fight gentrification by strengthening the existing immigrant-owned businesses on Clark Street.
Belia Rodriguez - 49th Ward Candidate


Runs for City Council

Seeing the possibility of only one name on the ballot, Belia made the painful decision to leave her RPBA family and announce a run for city council in order to give her neighbors a choice on the ballot on February 29, 2023.

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