Belia Rodriguez for 49th Ward

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Be the change you want to see. If you want to see a change in the ward, help us get Belia elected. Let's work together.

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Unfortunately, it takes money to win an election. Please help us get the word out by donating to the Friends of Belia Rodriguez.

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In order to win this election, we have to reach a majority of the voters in Rogers Park and let them know about Belia. They need to hear from people like you why you think Belia will be a good alderwoman.

By all metrics, Rogers Park is in a different place than it was four years ago. At best, Rogers Park has become stagnant. We need shift the direction if we want to see Rogers Park improve. 

Belia is not running for political ambition. She is running because she wants to see Rogers Park thrive, for everyone. She believes in unity and working together. Rogers Park needs Belia as alderwoman ,

We need your voice, join us!

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