Belia Rodriguez for 49th Ward

Belia Rodriguez for 49th

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We make our community stronger when citizens, business owners, and government officials work together. When we listen to one another, there is so much we can achieve!

Belia Rodriguez

A Candidate for everyone

Fighting for Rogers ParK
A long-time resident, homeowner, entrepreneur, and community volunteer  working to make Rogers Park a better place to live, work, and grow since 2016
Belia Rodriguez Candidate for 49th Ward Alderwoman


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working together,
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We can achieve greater things when we
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Community Safety

We will rebuild our working relationship with the police and ensure police accountability to make our neighborhood safer for everyone. 

Touhy Park

We will help our unhoused residents find treatment, housing, and employment. We will restore park programming and re-open the park to the public.

Affordable Housing

We will develop better working relationships with property owners and developers so that we can add more affordable housing to the neighborhood.


We will continue to improve the commercial areas to attract new small businesses, support local entrepreneurs, and ensure existing businesses thrive, bringing more jobs and economic growth to the neighborhood.


We will champion our schools and invest in the needs of our students and families. As a Chicago Public Schools graduate, I believe every child deserves a quality education.


We will invest in development that creates a healthier environment today and in the future and take actions to protect our beaches and shoreline. 

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